Pizza Port is returning to TOBLB

pizza port2.jpgPizza Port was a huge hit at Taste of Brews Inland Empire back in May and will be returning to Taste of Brews Long Beach on August 20th. They will be pouring their Grandview Golden Ale and Swamis IPA. Grandview Golden Ale is and easy to drink ale that has Pilsner like flavors due to the balance between hops and malts. Swamis IPA has a bitter bite to it that craft beer lovers will go crazy for.

pizza port

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New to the TOB’s crew: House Beer

house beer 2We are thrilled to announce that House Beer will be joining Taste of Brews Long Beach on August 20th for the first time! Their beers are an “original premium lager expertly brewed for quality you can taste”. They are made with noble hops and crystal malts that are brewed to perfection for their consumers to enjoy time and time again.

house beer

House Beer offers 12 and 16 ounce canned beer as well as 12 ounce bottled beer. Unlike most craft brewing companies that brew a variety of beers, House Beer makes it simple by only brewing one American Lager that everyone can enjoy.

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Mission Brewery

missionMission Brewery original opened in 1913 but unfortunately went out of business during Prohibition but re-established itself in 2007. They are located in Downtown San Diego where they brew, bottle, can and keg all of their beer. They also offer on-site tastings and an hour-long tour of the brewery that covers the grain to glass journey of their beer.

mission 2

Mission has over 40 National and International awards and is known for being one of the best breweries in San Diego. They have an assortment of core beers as well as seasonal brews. Be sure to stop by and check out what they have at Taste of Brews Long Beach at the end of August!

Featured Brewery: Innovation Brew Works

innovation 2

Innovation Brew Works is a café and brewery located on Cal Poly Pomona’s campus. They offer a variety of beers that are made with local barley and orange grown on the university campus. Innovation Brew Works also serves double duty as a hands-on brewery laboratory for students. Students are exposed to all aspects of brewing such as propagation of custom yeast strains, the nitrogen and carbonation process and even how to develop unique hop and malt strains.



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Stay Coastal with Coronado Brewing Co.


Coronado Brewing Co. recently celebrated 20 years of brewing their nautical themed craft beers. Their humble beginnings as a beach town brewpub on Coronado Island, California have grown, as now they are distributing to 22 states and 6 countries, as well as releasing their new can lineup of brew. Yet they still remain to be an independent, family-owned brewery and brewpub in San Diego.

Coronado brews has an assortment of seasonal, limited release, collaborations as well as a year round selection of beers. They will be pouring Punk’In Drublic, Stingray IPA and Seacoast Pilsner at this year’s Taste of Brews. Punk’in Drublic is an imperial pumpkin ale that tastes like warm pumpkin bread with hints of brown sugar and vanilla. Their Stingray IPA will transport you to an island get-a-way with its flavors and aromas of tropical fruits and citrus with accents of nectarine and peach. Lastly, the Seacoast Pilsner is a Czech-style pilsner that pairs perfectly with the coastal beauty that only California can provide. Be sure to check them out at TOBLB on August 20th.

Brand New Brewery!

barley lodge.jpgnew brewery is coming to Covina! Barley Lodge is describing them self as a “nano brewery” but with all the hard work they seem to be putting into it already, we think they might be bigger than they’re expecting. Barley Lodge has not yet announced the date of their grand opening but they’ve been hinting that it’s coming soon! We’re incredibly excited to have them at Taste of Brews Long Beach at the end of August. We can’t wait to get a sneak peak of what’s to come! Make sure to stop by and try them out!

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Network Brewery

Another Orange County  brewery will be joining us for Taste of Brews Long Beach! Network Brewery was founded in 2012 by Brian Anderson. After adding his
partners, Michael Totorea and Wes Tait, to the mix, the three were able to work together to create something great. Network Brewery opened in Santa Ana May 7, 2016 and
has been successful so far!

They’re currently brewing eight different beers including a red ale called Santiago Creek and their chocolate milk stout, Unicorn Tipper. Looking for a new place to grab a beer after work or hang out on the weekends? Network Brewery is open Wednesday and Friday through Sunday! You can also check them out August 20th at Taste of Brews Long Beach!


Featured Brewery: Evans Brewing Co.

evans brewing bannerEvans Brewing Co. has gone through many changes since it began in 1994.From name changes, to shifts in management to rebuilding after a fire, Evans has seen it all and come out stronger. Today they operate out of three Orange County locations, with their brewery being in Irvine and their restaurant and taproom soon to open in Fullerton. Evans Brewing Company is the oldest craft brewery in Orange County and one of the oldest in Southern California. They produce 9 permanent styles, available year-round as well as several seasonal and small batch options.

Evans Brewing Co. has joined the lineup for Taste of Brews Long Beach and will be with us serving up some of their great brews on August 20th! With all their years of experience, these guys have to be some of the best in Orange County! We can’t wait for you all to check them out.

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Feeling United With I & I

i and iI & I Brewing certainly has a unique outlook on running their business. They focus on unifying themselves with their guests and in doing so take customer service to a whole new level. At I & I you can come catch some live music while you have a beer with the bartender. Feel free to let them know what you think of your drink and don’t hesitate to tell them about what you like about beers you’ve had in the past. At I and I, the employees want to share in the experience with their guests rather than feel like they’re serving them.

At I & I they brew small batch lagers and ales of all flavors. Last year alone they created over 100 recipes and are i and i 2always introducing more. Though an old favorite can come back on tap every now and then, I & I is usually offering something completely new to keep their guests on their toes. We are bey
ond excited to have them at Taste of Brews Long  Beach! Can’t wait to see what they brew up! Get your tickets and come find out!

An OC Local

jtschmids.JPGJT Schmid’s Restaurant and Brewery is local to Anaheim, California. Located in close proximity to the Honda event Center, Angels Stadium and Disneyland, JT Schmid’s has become a local pit-stop for event goers. For those who aren’t stopping in before a concert or a trip to Disneyland, they may be dropping by on their way home from work to catch a bite to eat and a game on one of the TVs in the dining area. In addition to providing a local hangout and place to grab a quick meal, JT Schmid’s ca hefhas five beers that are brewed in house year-round as well as some seasonal beers.

Taste of Brews Long Beach is happy to host JT Schmid’s this year and we can’t wait for youtwo try to of their year-round brews, JT Imperial Stout and California Hefeweizen. The stout is described as full bodied, aged with French oak and the California Hef is lighter and slightly hopped. Both great selections. Make sure to get your tickets for August 20th!