Sonoma Cider Debuts Two New Flavors

Bringing you handcrafted, delicious ciders from Healdsburg, CA, Sonoma Cider is shipping two new cider flavors to complement its line of hard ciders. The first is called the Crowbar, which at 6 percent alcohol by volume, habanero infused lime cider and it’s the first cider the company has shipped canned. The brew combines dry cider with organic habanero peppers to create a fresh lime tartness that pairs well with Mexican food and BBQ. It ships in 12 oz cans and 5.2 gallon kegs.Robert Cordtz, co-founder of Sonoma Cider with his father, David Cordtz  “decided to offer The Crowbar in cans instead of bottles, [] complement summer activities – camping, barbeques and all things outdoors.”

The second cider is Sonoma Cider Dry Zider, an apple cider, aged for several months in zinfandel wine barrels. This gives the Zider a bright rose color and “soft zinfandel aroma” with “fruity notes” on the palate. These fruity notes are made up of  wild berry and bramble and a touch of tart apple. Combined with dry organic cider with Sonoma County zinfandel and an alcohol content of 6.9 percent by volume, this tasty beverage is available now in 22 ounce bottles and 5.2 gallon kegs.


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