Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest is again bringing the traditional German Marzen-style flavor to bottles and drafts across the U.S.

Jake Leinenkugel, president of the 143-year-old Upper Midwest brewery says, “[The brewery] is delighted to share Leinenkugel’s seasonal favorite, Oktoberfest, with Leinie loyalists – new and old – following this summer’s nationwide success of Summer Shandy.”

Available in six and 12-pack bottles at supermarkets, liquor stores, on draft at bars, and at restaurants, Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest pairs well not only with bratwurst and sauerkraut, but also complement full-flavored hors d’oeuvres and hearty soups and chili. 

Oktoberfest is brewed with Munich, Caramel and a blend of 2-row Pale malts. These barley malts give Leinie’s Oktoberfest a rich, hearty character and deep amber color, while four hop varieties provide an aromatic and smooth, well-balanced lager.

Try it today and get into the spirit of the Oktoberfest Festival, for the brews toasted malt flavor and subtle, spicy hop notes make it perfect for celebrating in true German fashion!

If you’re looking for a bolder, toastier take on an Oktoberfestbier, the tawny orange hued, toasted malts and spicy hops of the Big Eddy Über-Oktoberfest may be up your alley!


Ace Pumpkin Cider


Ace first released their pumpkin cider in the fall of 2010 and its popularity has grown ever since. Made with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice to fermented apple juice it produces a 5% ABV cider which tastes just like pumpkin pie! It is light orange in color with a full, rich taste leaving you craving for more. The cider is carbonated and cold- filtered 4 times before it’s bottled or put into a keg. Released just after Labor Day, this cider is an ideal choice for Halloween through Thanksgiving. Don’t miss out on being able to try this seasonal cider, one of the first Pumpkin ciders to be made out West!

Sierra Nevada German-American collaboration with Brauhaus Riegele of Augsburg

oktoberfestbottlepint2On a mission to explore the roots of Germany’s festival beers, each year Sierra Nevada partners with select German Brewers to create a traditional take on the most famous style of beer in history. This year the company chose to collaborate with Brauhaus Riegele of Augsburg to create an authentic Oktoberfest beer, true to the roots of the festival, that’s deep golden in color and rich with complex malt flavor from the use of traditional German Steffi barley.

Not a big name in the U.S, Riegele is Germany’s Beer of the Decade for the crowd-pleasing Commerzienrat Riegele Privat. Riegele has built a reputation for breaking out in Germany’s rigid, staid beer culture and has spent generations refining its beers and experimenting with new styles. The drive of the brewery to constantly work towards a better better beer led Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman, to reach out for this collaboration.

Ken Grossman (left) and his son Brian (right) celebrate with Riegele brewer Frank Muller and manager Sebastian Priller-Riegele at an Oktoberfest preview party.

The partnership of these two breweries allowed for the pinpointing of an heirloom barley called Steffi to help set their Oktoberfest apart. Though it’s a favorite grain for the German outfit, Steffi is rarely used elsewhere due to its cost — it takes more grain to produce a batch than modern strains. “It’s an old variety, but it has quite a bit more character,” says Grossman.

The Bavarian brewery also maintains one of the largest libraries of brewers yeast in the world, each of which imparts a unique character on barley, hops, and water. “A beer is a puzzle of 1,000 parts,” says Riegele manager Sebastian Priller-Riegele. “Each piece and ingredient has to fit into each other.” The Riegele team combed through its extensive collection and picked the ideal yeast that would bring the desired flavors together.


locations-slide-222Cornado Brewing, in order to increase the efficiency and capacity of their brewery, has expanded its capacity to 65,000 barrels thanks to the multi-million dollar renovation plan. This plan also allowed for the recent addition of four 240-barrel fermenters at the end of August. In addition to the fermenters, the brewery has been adding and upgrading some key components to the brewery to help increase efficiency.

The brewery has also been able to secure an adjacent building at their San Diego brewery location.  The company plans to use the building for dry storage and office space starting this month. The future use of the building is still open to a variety of options, one being a new brew house.

Some of the more exciting news to announce is that Coronado will begin canning in early 2016. Tanks-452x356Brandon Richards, vice president of sales and marketing, comments that “it was time for us to make some big changes to the brewery to help us maintain the pace [of growth in the company.]  We have been trying to find more space in the brewery to allow us to add a canning line and that has been accomplished.”

2015 has proven to be a great year for Coronado Brewing with sales growing at 30% through August and the brewery has recently picked up key business in California, Michigan and North Carolina.

Bootlegger’s Brewery FALL: PUMPKIN ALE

The brewery’s fall seasonal release of their Pumpkin Ale is brewed with a mPUMPKIN_ALEixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, molasses, brown sugar and real pumpkin juice. A perfect beer that reminds you of the comforts of home and family, or the tranquility that comes from simply sipping and enjoying the view of the changing leaves throughout the season.

Style: Ale Brewed with Pumpkin, Spices, and Molasses

6.1% ABV, 17.8 IBU
Available in bottles: 22 oz, 12 pack
Available in kegs: 15.5, 5.2 gal

Enjoy Leinenkugel’s Seasonal Brews!

photo123-630x472Leinenkugel is now serving their seasonal beer known as Oktoberfest(served  Aug-Oct ), to join in and to further evoke the spirit that comes with celebrating arguably the world’s greatest festival. A traditional Märzen-style beer, the Oktoberfest brew has a toasted malt flavor and subtle, spicy hop notes that make it perfect for celebrating fall in true German fashion. Leinenkugels-Uber-Oktoberfest

The brewery is also paying homage to this celebration with its bolder, toastier take on their Oktoberfestbier, which they can only described as “Über.” With its tawny orange hue, toasted malts and spicy hops, the Big Eddy Über-Oktoberfest is then dry-hopped for added hop complexity.

Don’t miss out on these drinks and there limited availability throughout fall!

Oktoberfest is coming to Promenade Square Park!

Presented by Leinenkugel-Logo1

Join the Taste of Brews team on Saturday October 17 for a morning beach clean up and an after party(limited to those ages 21 and above) from 12-6pm! Adult participants in the Beach Cleanup receive a free T-Shirt and free General Admission entry to the event.

oktoberfest image'General admission costs just $10, while VIP tickets cost $20 . VIP package includes a t-shirt, 2 free beers and access to Uber Oktoberfest style! Proceeds will be donated towards the charities Canoes for a Cause and the Long Beach Marine Institute.

This event features a more intimate biertasting environment to celebrate Oktoberfest. Miss the crowds and instead enjoy delicious fall and winter brews among a smaller community of beer lovers.  Enjoy 12oz beers from vendors such as Leinenkugel’s, Blue Moon, Crispin Cider, along with private reserves for $5 each. Amongst our beer selections don’t forget to participate in fun activities such as Giant Jenga, and Giant Beer Pong while listening to live music provided by local Long Beach bands (traditional German Oom Pah music included). Promenade Square Park at 210 E 3rd St/ 111 East Ocean Boulevard  provides a great space for entertainment, while providing enough sitting areas and overhead to block the sun. Gourmet food trucks will be onsite for those that wish to purchase meals. For more information, visit http://www.tasteofbrews.com, call (714) 375-1132 or contact brewmaster@tasteofbrews.com.