Saint Archer Brewing Company

saint archer

Saint Archer Brewing Company is what you get when you put together immensely talented brewers with world-class artists and musicians, as well as professional surfers, skaters, and snowboarders. Based in San Diego, they bond over their love of craft beer, and this connection leads to some awesome artistic projects. Go to to see what they’ve been working on lately. They have five original ales that they started with: the Blonde, White, Pale, IPA, and Double IPA (although they always have specialty beers on tap as well; you can go to their tasting room now to check out their Coffee Brown Ale or Mandarina Pale Wheat).

saint archer3

Their White Ale won Gold at the Great American Beer Festival last year. Clearly, Saint Archer knows what they’re doing, and be sure to share in their success by stopping at their tent at Taste of Brews in Long Beach this summer! 100% of the net proceeds benefit the Long Beach Marine Institute, which serves to better promote marine education and environmental conservation. Tickets are expected to sell out, so get yours now at!


Angry Orchard

angry orchard

After 15 years of experimenting and enjoying various recipes, the folks at Angry Orchard brought their passion for cider to the masses in 2011. While based in New York, they use applesangry orchard2 from all over the world! Their Crisp Apple, Apple Ginger, and Traditional Dry ciders use a mix of French bittersweet and Italian culinary apples. Their Green Apple, Elderflower, and Cinnful Apple ciders are created using apples from the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast. For the cider making process, the apples are stored for up to one month. The sugar content increases as the apples age, which means more sugar to convert into alcohol! The result is a delicious hard cider, and Angry Orchard has enough varieties that you can pair it with any meal. Visit for a list of meal suggestions as well as a great list of cocktail recipes!

We’re excited to have Angry Orchard with us at Taste of Brews on Saturday, August 22 in Long Beach! We can’t wait to see which ciders they’ll be bringing. Maybe some of these?

angry orchard3

The Traveler Beer Co.


The Traveler Beer Co. creates American wheat ales that are designed to appeal to the type of traveler you are in life. Are you a Curious Traveler? A Jolly Traveler? An Illusive Traveler? You’ll have to try one of these beers to find out. Curious and Illusive are Traveler Beer Co.’s year round offerings, while Forbidden, Jack-O, and Jolly show up seasonally. Whether you prefer lemon, grapefruit, apple, pumpkin, or winter shandy, there is something for everyone.


So kick back, relax, and enjoy a brew from Traveler Beer Co. today! If you can’t get enough, stop by and visit them at our event in Long Beach. This event will sell out, so buy your tickets at before you miss out. Bring a few friends (or a lot), enjoy Lighthouse Park right on the water, and drink great beer while supporting the Long Beach Marine Institute.

Great Divide Brewing Co.

great divide

Great Divide Brewing Co, winner of 18 Great American Beer Festival medals, is joining us for Taste of Brews Long Beach all the way from Colorado! Founder Brian Dunn saw an opportunity to kick start the Denver craft beer scene in the Ballpark Neighborhood, and soon after Great Divide came into existence in 1994. Ever since, the brewing company has been racking up accolades and serving people flavorful beers that are uniquely Colorado. From Pilsners to stouts to double IPAs, Great Divide has something for everyone, so be sure to check out their tent on Saturday, August 22 at Lighthouse Park in Long Beach! Here’s just a few of our favorites to check out: the Yeti Imperial Stout, the Hercules Double IPA, and the Hoss Rye Lager.

great divide2     great divide3     great divide4

Tickets to Taste of Brews Long Beach are available now, but be sure to pick yours up before the event sells out! 100% of the net proceeds benefit the Long Beach Marine Institute, which promotes marine education and conservation.

JT Schmid’s

jt schmid's

Want to enjoy a perfect day of baseball with great beer and food? JT Schmid’s is the place to go! Located within walking distance of Angel Stadium, come here after the game to enjoy their “California casual” style and one (or several!) of their delicious handcrafted brews. They have six beers to choose from, one being a rotating seasonal option. Year round, you can enjoy the Basic Blonde, Hefeweizen, IPA, Emil’s Amber, and Imperial Stout. Can’t decide which one you want? Try the JT’s Taster, where you get 5-ounce pours of all six beers for only $8.75!

jt schmid's2

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can pair one of these beers with their “Bigger Bolder Badder Asser” burger. This mammoth patty weighs 6 pounds and is a foot long; with 4 side dishes, the plate comes in at $60 and can feed about 8 people (or one super hero).

jt schmid's3

We’re excited to have JT Schmid’s join us for Taste of Brews in Long Beach this year! Be sure to visit them at our 5th annual event, which benefits the Long Beach Marine Institute, on August 22nd at Lighthouse Park. Tickets can be found at

Lost Coast Brewery

lost coast

Lost Coast Brewery began with two women who weren’t content to stay in their careers as a pharmacist and a family counselor; they also wanted to operate their own brewpub. After studying pubs in England and Wales, Barbara Groom and Wendy Pound returned home to Eureka, CA and purchased the Pyhtian Castle, a building that was over 100 years old. Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe finally became a reality in 1990. They turn 25 on July 13th!

Lost Coast has 10 great award-winning beers to choose from. Their newest brew is the Sharkinator white IPA, which is an elevation of their Great White beer (with Cascade, Crystal, Chinook, and Citra hops added). Try their Downtown Brown light brown ale, which won the 2014 Silver at the San Diego International Beer Competition. Their Eight-Ball Stout won Bronze last year as well!

lost coast2lost coast3lost coast4lost coast5lost coast6

We’re excited to see which of these beers Lost Coast will bring to Long Beach! Check it out for yourself by grabbing tickets at 

Ninkasi Brewing Company


Ninkasi Brewing Company likes doing things differently. When Nikos Ridge and Jamie Floyd met through mutual friends and decided to create their own brewery in 2005, they wanted to pick a name that was different than the male-centric brands dominating the market. Hence, they came up with Ninkasi, naming their business after the Sumerian goddess of fermentation. Back then, beer was a center of community and culture, and Ninkasi Brewing aims to bring that same feeling to their establishment today. In addition to producing amazing craft beers, like the original Total Domination IPA, they work hard to make sure their brewery serves their community through their Beer is Love Program. In 2012 alone, they contributed to more than 600 non-profits and community organizations!


Visit their website at to see the impressive list of beers that they offer; in addition to their seven Flagship Series beers that you can sample year round (try the Tricerahops!), they have seasonal and special releases throughout the year. They even have an R&D (Rare and Delicious) Series where you get to see the creative experimentation of each of their brewers.


Coming all the way from Eugene, Oregon, Ninkasi Brewing will be showing off their beers at Taste of Brews Long Beach on Saturday, August 22nd! 100% of the net proceeds from this event will benefit the Long Beach Marine Institute, which serves to further education in marine science and environmental conservation. Enjoy a fantastic day with friends and support a great cause! Buy your tickets now at

Timeless Pints Brewing Company


Just in time for Father’s Day is a story about how the holiday encouraged Timeless Pints owner Chris Sparacio to open his own microbrewery in Lakewood, CA. Several years ago, Sparacio received a homebrewing kit as a gift from his family and, after multiple experiments with stouts, ales, lagers, and IPAs, was ready to open his own place and bring his craft beer recipes to the masses. The tasting room is open Thursdays and Fridays from 2 pm-8 pm, Saturdays 1 pm-8 pm, and Sundays from 1 pm-6 pm, so be sure to visit and see what Timeless Pints has to offer! They also have Trivia Night every Thursday at 6:30 pm, along with a delicious food truck.


Each Timeless Pints beer has its own unique label. As Sparacio explains, “All of our standard beers have kind of a story behind them…a reason for trying our beer.” Among these are the A Taste of Fate red IPA, A Precarious Proposal amber ale, A Swarm and a Hatter honey blonde ale, and The Bear Reader huckleberry oatmeal stout.


We’re excited to have Timeless Pints be a part of Taste of Brews on Saturday, August 22nd in Long Beach. Don’t have your tickets yet? Get yours now before they sell out! Visit

Four Sons Brewing

four sons

Four Sons Brewing is truly a family business. Located in Huntington Beach, the microbrewery is run by Duke and Daune Dufresne (and of course their four sons). If you enjoy the Southern California vibe, this is a brewery that you’ll definitely want to check out! Some of their beers include Beach Pail (a pale ale), Land of Hopportunity (a West Coast IPA), O’ Sonset (an Irish red), and Not So Dum (a blonde ale).

four sons4four sons5four sons2four sons3

In addition to their standard beers, Four Sons Brewing has specialty release events! This Friday, June 5 at 6:30 pm, they’ll be presenting a keg of Blue POM, their American IPA that includes blueberries and pomegranates. As always, Kaya’s Kitchen, a delicious food truck that serves local HB favorite dishes, will be in the back to serve hungry customers. The tasting room is open 6 days a week (closed on Tuesdays). Stop by today to try your new favorite beer!

Four Sons Brewing is actively involved in the community, and they’ll be joining us for our 5th annual Taste of Brews event in Long Beach. 100% of the net proceeds will benefit the Long Beach Marine Institute. If you like what you find in the Four Sons tasting room, get your tickets at to see what they’ll be bringing to our event!