Brew Rebellion

brew rebellion

Andy, master brewer, and Brad, brewery manager, started off home brewing together for several years before they decided that they wanted to make their own craft brewing business. They knew Ed for some time, and decided that a partnership with him could lead to a successful venture; soon enough, Brew Rebellion was born! Brew Rebellion is known for having incredibly unique beers with recognizable names, such as Grandpa Brian’s Famous Apple Pie, the Chris Martin S’More Porter, and the John Paul Jones Peanut Butter Stout. The tap list at their location in Yucaipa features a rotating menu of about six beers; if you see one you like, get it now, because it might not be there when you come back! The Brew Rebellion team purposely brews in small batches, around 30-50 gallons at a time, so that they can offer their customers as large a variety of flavors as possible.

brew rebellion 2

Want to see what Brew Rebellion will come up with for Taste of Brews in Long Beach? Get your tickets now at! This event is expected to sell out, so don’t miss it! 100% of the net proceeds will benefit the Long Beach Marine Institute.


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