Fireman’s Brew – The Original USA

Fireman's Logo

We are excited to announce that Fireman’s Brew is going to be participating in the 5th anniversary Taste of Brews Long Beach event on August 22nd!

In December 2000, Rob and Ed were sitting on a steep hillside of an extinguishing brushfire above the 3994cbe8b7acfa8c_IMG_0275.previewGlendale Mountains. They were staring into the midnight sky, dreaming of the cool smooth taste of a fresh beer to quench their scorched dry mouths. From this point, these two Los Angeles based firemen set out to brew the best in the world. The result was Fireman’s Brew, the perfect choice to “Extinguish Your Thirst” & “Ignite the Party”!

Their thirst for beer and coffee after that exhausting day launched them into developing a hero’s brand of products that every American could relate to. With every product sold, Fireman’s Brew donates a portion of its profits to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmitsburg, Maryland. So whether your beverage of choice is beer, coffee, or root beer, sit back and relax with the smooth taste of a fresh Fireman’s Brew!


Don’t miss your change to extinguish YOUR thirst & ignite YOUR party at the 5th anniversary of Taste of Brews Long Beach! Click HERE to purchase tickets and use LB10 for 10% off online only!

“Extinguish Your Thirst” & “Ignite the Party”!


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