Karl Strauss Brewing Company

karl strauss

San Diego’s first microbrewery, Karl Strauss Brewing Company came into existence in 1989 and has been crafting delicious beers ever since. Entrepreneurs Chris Cramer and Matt Rattner were inspired by a brewpub in Australia, and luckily Chris’ cousin was none other than Karl Strauss, a renowned master brewer. Together, they created an establishment that has set the standard for San Diego’s booming craft beer industry. Try the Tower 10 IPA, which is named after the location in Mission Beach where these men first drew up plans for their brewery. Then of course there’s their Red Trolley Ale, which has won 18 medals to date. The Pintail Pale Ale and the Karl Strauss Amber are two other beers that are made year-round, but they also have seasonal offerings, along with their Coastal Reserve and Imperial Collection series. Mosaic Session Ale is one of their newest offerings, and it is now available year round! In addition to their tasting room and beer garden in San Diego, Karl Strauss Brewing Company has restaurants throughout Southern California.

karl strauss2

Lucky for all of us, they’ll be coming to our 5th annual Taste of Brews event in Long Beach! Check out what they’ll be bringing to the event by getting your tickets now at http://www.tasteofbrews.com/LBTOB.html. Don’t miss out!


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