Enegren Brewery

seal-320pxChris Enegren began his brewery company in the dorm rooms of Loyola Marymount University. He brewed his first batches with extract in a friend’s on-campus apartment stove. Shortly after his brewery began he came to the realization he needed to expand out of the stove top setup and designed, and built, a 10-gallon all grain system that summer. He took his brewery off campus and started to affiliate with his brother. After a year, the boys needed to relocate the brewery. Joe Nascenzi who played lacrosse with Chris offered his backyard and garage – the beginning of the three EBC crew. Enegren Brewing loves creating different brews because they find something special about beers. They are fascinated on how a beer brings people together to celebrate life, mourn an event, and the satisfaction it brings after a long honorable work day.


If you haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy this brew, or have and know how great it is, and would like to have another you are in luck! Enegren Brewing Co. will be in our upcoming event Taste of Brews IE! Purchase your tickets now http://www.tasteofbrews.com/IETOB.html.



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