Featured Brewery – Dale Bros

Dale_Bros_Logo_Glow1-300x300Dale Bros is a craft Brewery in Upland CA. They have a laid back approach to their brewing process there vision is to create beers that they would enjoy drinking. Their Beers are well balanced, smooth and are perfect to pair up with great food. This brewery doesn’t go UN noticed, with receiving gold medals for their excellent source of happiness. Their constant goal is to create beer that taste great. You can easily be deceived by their basic base ingredients: San Francisco Lager Yeast and Two-Row Malt. The beer can give the illusion of many ingredients but the Dale Bros have taken these simple ingredients and made them shine through to give us a fullness and depth flavor.

Continuing with the laid back feel this brewery gives the community around them the first had look on the process of creating Dale Bros Brews by having free tours every Saturday at 4pm. You can also go to their website for constant updates on events that will be occurring in the month to come at their brewery and if you are ever craving a Dales Bros beer you can hop on their page and locate the nearest fine establishment to get their version of an excellent source of happiness

This gold winning Brewery will be attending our Inland empire event with many other fantastic craft breweries on Saturday April18        Beer_Sipping


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