Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

Sierra Nevada started out with a simply goal, to brew the beer they wanted to drink. It started as a small scale brewery based in Chico, California. The company name came from the owner’s favorite hiking grounds in the nearby mountains and decided to launch Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Featured imageYears later Sierra Nevada moved to a larger location in Chico and opened the doors to its new taproom.They hit a major milestone in 1993 after producing 100,000 barrels! But demand was still high and they had to relocate yet again. They added another brewing location to the mix.

Sierra Nevada held the first ever Beer Camp at their brewery. Restaurateurs and bar owners came for a two day, hands on beer experience with the experts. The results were an Imperial Pilsner called Sierra Super 7. Beer Camp is a regular event for Sierra Nevada.Featured image

Sierra Nevada has three new beers making it out on the market. The Hop Hunter, Nooner Pilsner, and 2015 Beer Camp Hoppy Lager.

This well-off brewing company will be attending Twilight Tasting with the other amazing brewery. Lets hope we get to try the new crafts that are being released!


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