Featured Brewery – Phantom Ales

Phantom Ales is a very active brewery; always having fun events for their guest. Between the Hop Wars and their Brew Hop, I don’t know why everyone would leave this place. Featured image

Featured imageAre you interested in brewing your own beer? Well go down to Phantom Ales and they will help you out! They teach you how to brew on their pilot system under the guidance of one of their brewers. Once your beer is done, it’s competition time. You compete against another brewer, and the winner of the whole competition gets to brew on Phantoms 3 BBL production system, their beer will be on tap, and you receive the title of a Phantom Brewer. Check out Phantoms Ales website to learn more about their Hop Wars! (www.phantomales.com)

Phantom also has a Brew Hop, which is a hop on hop off brewery tour. Their Brew Hop bus will Featured imagestop off at breweries close by every hour, if you want to get on, GREAT. If you want to stay and continue drinking, GREAT, because it will be back in an hour! The tour is what you make of it. They constantly change the schedule around so each day you can stop off at different breweries.

Phantom Ale produces about 90 gallons of beer a week, so their beers on tap change constantly. Here are some of the beer they produce: the Flying Brick IPA, Darth Malts Stout, Diable Hoppy Brown Porter, Dubbel, Revolution IPA, NZ Amber IPA, and the Saison.

Phantom Ales is bringing their craft beer, wine, and hard ciders to Twilight Tasting. Buy your tickets now to get the Valentine’s Day promotion! http://www.twilighttasting.com


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