Featured Brewery – Four Sons Brewing

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Four Sons Brewing is a micro-brewery located in Huntington Beach, California. This family owned brewery is run by parents Duke and Daune and, you guessed it, their four sons.

Most of Four Sons craft beers have a Southern California, beach vibe to them. And all of us that live in So Cal know, it’s pretty much always sunny here so Four Sons is the perfect beer to enjoy during our great year around weather.

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One of Four Sons beers on tap is called Going (Coco) Nuts. This craft beer is a malty, full bodied amber ale. Four Sons uses 75lbs of toasted coconuts to give this beer little something special. When drinking this you’ll swear you are on a tropical island, soaking up some rays.

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Another beer is their Not So Dum raspberry blonde ale. It has subtle hints of passion fruit and hibiscus flower. This beer is perfect for those nice sunny days.

Four Sons tasting room is opened to the public, so make a trip to Huntington Beach and try their variety of craft beers on tap.

On March 7th, Four Sons will be attending our Twilight Tasting event so you can also try what they are brewing there!


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