Featured Brewery – Bootleggers

Bootlegger’s Brewery is located in Fullerton, California. The brewery began when owner and beer lover Aaron Barkenhagen was enrolled at California State University, Fullerton pursuing an Entrepreneurship major. After following his dream, Aaron opened up Bootleggers Brewery in April 2008.

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The brewery has expanded distribution and production capacity over the year, but the company still stays true to their original plan. They wanted to build a local artisan brewery supported by local business and consumers while continuing to make the highest quality and most unique beer possible.

Bootlegger’s motto is “Drink Fresh, Drink Local.” It is their goal to continue this motto and to sell their beer close to home.

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Bootlegger’s Winter Seasonal Release beer is the Mint Chocolate Porter. It sounds like a strange combination, mint chocolate in a beer… But it is a match made in heaven! This porter consists of a refreshing mint balanced with subtle hints of dark chocolate.This beer will keep you in the Christmas spirit!

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Another must try is the Bootlegger’s Knuckle Sandwich! This double IPA truly lives up to its name with a large hop profile and aggressive aroma. This beer has a huge malt backbone with little floral and citrus notes, providing a great mouth feel to this heavyweight hitter. The Knuckle Sandwich is Limited Edition, so try it as soon as you can before it runs out.

We are very excited that this local brewery will be joining our Twilight Tasting event, and we can’t wait for all of you to try their crafts on March 7th!


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